Los Angeles Times, Fox News – In Saudi Arabia recently, a group of baboons waited three days to take revenge on a human being, until a driver who had run over one of their group drove down the same road again. When they spotted the car, the of the baboons gave signal, and they all attacked, throwing stones until they broke his windshield. The driver was able to escape.

In India, a group of monkeys have made it clear that they don?t like smokers hanging out in front of an office building. An group of brown monkeys have started threatening the smokers, who are no longer allowed to smoke inside the building.

“These monkeys are harmless, other than the fact that they don?t like cigarettes, which cause cancer,” office worker Richard Rajev said. But smokers aren?t sure, since the animals slap them when they light up and steal packs of cigarettes out of their pockets. The office workers have pleaded to be allowed to smoke indoors again and have asked the local zoo to try to catch the animals.

Is it possible that primates are tired of being used for medical experiments and having their habitats cut down and are evolving more intelligence? Scientists believe it was environmental stress that caused human beings to develop our large brains.

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