Storms across the southern and central US have left at least 35 people dead and devastated many communities. While flooding and severe thunderstorms continued in the southeast on Sunday, north Texas and Oklahoma began to experience dramatic temperature drops and heavy snowfall. On November 18, our Climatewatch section predicted "because of warm, moist air from the 2015 el Nino extending up into the central United States, there will be an unusual amount of thunderstorm activity in that area into the winter. Severe storms with copious snowfall could become commonplace." Climatewatch, which has been running since 2000, has rarely failed to accurately predict future weather. It uses theories and methods described in Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s 1999 book Superstorm. While these theories are still not generally accepted, they continue to provide the only consistently correct predictions of future weather.

Climatewatch is updated four times a year, or whenever changing conditions warrant it. At present, weather conditions described in the October, 2015 edition remain in play.

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