It’s long been known that Stonehenge is laid out as a prehistoric calendar, and it may also be a type of ancient hospital. Now there’s a third explanation for the stone formation: It may have been laid out according to how ancient Britons perceived sound.

American researcher Steven Waller has discovered that two flutes played in a field can produce an auditory illusion that mimics in space the position of Stonehenge’s huge pillars. In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes Waller as saying, "My theory is that the ancient Britons, when they were hearing two pipers in a field, were experiencing sound wave interference patterns, where in certain locations as you walked around the pair of pipers, you would hear loud or quiet zones.

"If you could look at it from an overhead view, it would look like the spokes of a wheel. And, as you walk around the circle, every time you come to one of these sound-wave cancellation points, it feels like there is this massive invisible object in front of you.

"Put all this ‘vision in your mind’ together and it forms a Stonehenge-like structure." This is pretty amazing since "people didn’t even know that sound was propagated by pressure waves until a few centuries ago."

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