The reason Stonehenge was built 4,800 years ago remains mysterious. Archeologists have speculated that it was a place of worship or an early calendar. But a gynecologist thinks its design may be based on female genitalia. Gynecologist Anthony Perks first got the idea after noticing how the inner stones are arranged more in an egg-shaped pattern than a true circle. When he compared the layout with the shape of female sexual organs, he found surprising parallels.

Perks believes the outer part of the female labia may be represented by the outer stone circle and possibly the outer mound, with the inner circle representing the inner part of the labia, the altar stone the clitoris and the empty geometric center the birth canal. The body of a sacrificial child was found buried in the center of prehistoric circles in nearby Woodhenge, and Perks thinks a child’s body may also lie buried at the center of Stonehenge, which may symbolize the Earth Mother.

Western Neolithic cultures and the early Celts believed in a Mother goddess. Hundreds of figurines representing her have been found in Europe. They were created at a time when there was a high birth mortality, and Stonehenge could have been used for fertility rites.

Perks doesn’t dispute the widely-accepted idea that Stonehenge is an astronomical observatory. He says, “At Stonehenge you see an arc of sky together with Earth on that open Salisbury Plain. It is as though Father Sun is meeting Earth Mother in an equal way at a place looking towards the future.”

We shouldn’t underestimate early cultures?they did amazing things.

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