An Italian woman says she dreamed about a fatal car crash and told the victim’s brother many details about it. Now she’s been charged by police who suspect she had something to do with the accident. Is this a case of a helpful psychic being unfairly charged?

The psychic sought out Alfredo Baldeschi gave him a vivid description of the accident that killed his sister Loredana. When he told police about the encounter, they told him to have her repeat the dream and secretly record it. After listening to the tape, they arrested the woman and charged her with manslaughter. A police spokesman says, “The woman knew details known only to traffic officers or by the person who caused the fatal crash.”

Is the woman a psychic or a criminal? Since the case is taking place in Rome, it’s doubtful we’ll ever know for sure.

Psychics worked secretly for the government for years and are probably still doing so now?despite official denials.

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