Dr. Roger Leir has managed the removal of another unknown object from a close encounter witness, the tenth such surgery he has performed or observed. Dr. Leir, the author of ?Casebook: Alien Implants,? is the only physician actively involved in researching these cases, which have generally been rejected by the medical community as nonsense. No physician who has actually observed the objects has been able to find an explanation for them.

The removal, which is the 10th for Dr. Leir, took place on October 29. The patient is a stewardess for a major airline who is in her 40s. About 20 years ago, she had a close encounter experience, which is the only one she remembers. She was asleep when she suddenly awoke to find herself paralyzed. There was a bluish-white light in the room and she saw a ball of light moving through the bedroom door into the rest of the house. This description is very much like those of other experiencers, which are described in Dr. Leir?s book.

She woke up with a lump in her upper right arm and never discussed her experience with anyone, before coming to Dr. Leir. This was the first implant Dr. Leir has ever found on the right side of a patient?s body?all the rest have been on the left.

Another thing that made it unique was that it moved away, underneath the skin, when touched. Whitley has an implant in his left earlobe which also moved when another doctor tried to remove it, but this was the first example of this that Dr. Leir had personally witnessed.

The only way this type of cyst-like lump could move would be if the patient had been ill and had developed what?s known as a ?sinus track? under her skin. But if that was the case, the lump could have only moved from side to side along the track, not in every direction the way it did.

When Dr. Leir and his colleague removed the implant, they found it to be made of thick, yellowish, soft tissue that appeared to be bi-valved, meaning it opened like a clam shell. There was nothing inside it except strong connective tissue between the two halves, and there were dark lines along the edges.

This was an entirely new type of implant, from Dr. Leir?s experience. The others he?s removed have been metallic triangles, T-shapes, bb-like balls or cantaloupe seed-like objects. It was also unique in that it was not wrapped in a membrane made out of tissue taken from the patient?s body, as the other implants have been.

The doctor who tried to remove Whitley?s implant was able to get a small piece of it, which was tested and found to be distressed collagen. Dr. Leir is interested to find out if this implant is made of the same kind of material.

He discussed this implant removal, as well as the 6th annual Thanksgiving sighting of the Camarillo UFO, on Dreamland Saturday, November 24. Click on the Dreamland tab to hear the archive of that show.

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