The ideal spy would wear invisible clothes that automatically took photographs of his surroundings and he would be able to read whatever you typed on your Blackberry. This almost happened in Dubai, and across the border in Canada. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen here!

BBC News reports that an update being promoted for Blackberry users in the United Arab Emirates turned out to actually be spyware that would allow covert agencies there access to private information and emails. Blackberry users became suspicious when the update, which promised improved performance, led to drastically reduced battery life.

This sounds like something the Bush/Cheney administration would have cooked up, since the device is even MADE in the United States! In BBC News, Ben Thompson reports that “the update has now been identified as an application developed by American firm SS8. The California-based company describes itself as a provider of ‘lawful electronic intercept and surveillance solutions.'”

We don’t spy on you, but we find out what you’re thinking, so that we can give you the kinds of interviews and radio shows you love, because we read your letters and emails and chat with our subscribers!

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