This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe reports on the frightening disappearance of thousands of bees. Since these are the insects that pollinate the flowers of the foods we eat, this could be the start of a major emergency.

This is a problem in the US that has been reported in around half the states and has now spread to Canada. The UK and eight other European countries also report the same problem: Spain, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Germany. Jasper Copping reports in the British Telegraph newspaper that in London, over 4,000 hives in London alone, two-thirds of the bees are missing. Sometimes the dead bees are found, but often the bees seem to have simply disappeared.

One of the strangest parts of this whole mystery is that, in London at least, no “robber” bees have invaded the empty hives to make off with the stored honey, which is what usually happens when hives are left empty.

Copping quotes John Chapple, head of the London Beekeepers Association, as saying, “It’s frightening. The mortality rate is the highest in living memory and no one seems to know what’s behind it.”

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