Newswise – We recently published a story on thedangers ofanti-bacterial soap and household cleaning supplies. But nowit turns out it may be good for us to take a dose ofbacteria daily. Anne Strieber says that sickness cansometimes be a gift. Read her newDiary and seeif you agree.

The May issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch reports thatscientific evidence suggests that you can treat and preventsome intestinal illnesses with supplements containingcertain kinds of health-promoting bacteria.

An estimated 100 trillion microorganisms inhabit everynormal, healthy bowel, where they keep pathogens (harmfulmicroorganisms) in check. If you’ve ever been offended bythe look and smell of feces, remember this: These aren’treally YOUR waste products, they’re the waste products ofthe microorganisms that live inside your intestines. Onemajor reason for traveler’s diarrhea is that differentregions have different microorganisms, and one danger oftaking too many antibiotics is that they can wipe out these”good” bacteria, as well as the bad. Sometimes patients areadvised to eat yogurt, which contains its own microorganismsand can sometimes promote the return of the “good guys” toyour intestines.

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Where’s the beef? After youread thisbook, you may decide it shouldn’t be on your table!

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