Scientists hope that thesolar windwill form a barrier that will protect us from solarradiation during the upcoming pole shift here on Earth. Whenthe poles reverse on Earth, which has happened many timesbefore, the magnetic shield that protects us from solarradiation is temporarily weakened. Mars wasn’t so lucky.

Astronomers report that Mars had extensive oceans (andprobably life) until 3.5 billion years ago, huge solarstorms of the kind that flared up in the fall of 2003 hitMars repeatedlly and sucked up all its water, leaving it adead planet.

What scientists want to know is: could it happen to us?Deborah Zabarenko quotes NASA’s Ed Stone as saying, “These(solar) radiation events can affect the surface of Marsbecause Mars has so little protection.” But during the poleshift, which is now underway, we may not have any protection either.

911 was a disaster that originated right here on Earth. Werethose horrific events aninside job? World-renowned conspiracy theorist Jim Marrsmakes a compelling case that 9/11 marks the intersection ofseveral conspiracies at once, each based on overlappingpolitical agendas. Read the book and get ready for apowerful interview with Jim in a couple of weeks!

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