In the March 14th edition of the Financial Times, Richard Waters writes: "What people choose to strap to their wrists has much to do not just with ease of use, but also fashion and self image." Swiss watch makers, who sell the most timepieces, know that their customers aren’t just paying big bucks "just because they want to know the time."

Swatch executive Nick Hayek wondered if "an interactive terminal on your wrist would ever catch on–and wanted to create one before he saw some sort of Apple iwatch in the stores. Will the next watch fashion be a form of wearable technology? After all, no one in the past would ever have guessed that iphones would replace the camera.

The wrist may be the last part of our anatomy that companies fight over.

Diamond-studded bezels may be passé: What could be more status-filled THESE days than a wristwatch that tells the world you’re a high-tech geek? The guy or gal flashing the stones may have inherited his or her money, but a smartwatch shows the world you made YOURS yourself!

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