Should Olympic, and other, athletes have sex before theircompetitions? Many coaches have banned it, saying it sapsathletes’ energy, but not everyone agrees. Baseball managerCasey Stengel said, “Being with a woman all night never hurtno professional baseball player. It’s staying up all nightlooking for a woman that does him in.”

Jennifer Quinn reports for that with so manyyoung people coming together in one place, the OlympicVillage can seem like a giant singles club. Sports doctorIan Shirer says, “The night before has no effect on strengthor endurance or any of the physical abilities of theathletes. A lot of people think it has to do with thepsychological effects?It’s never been studied, how sexaffects the psychological attitude the next day. But if itwere true that it decreases aggressiveness, then you mightexpect it to be detrimental for those who aren’t aggressiveenough, but beneficial for those who are too aggressive.”

Israeli physician Alexander Olshanietzky says, “We believethat a woman gets better results in sports competition afterorgasm. Generally, it’s true of high jumpers and runners.The more orgasms, the more chances of winning a medal.Coaches generally tell their athletes to abstain beforecompetition. In the case of women, that’s the wrong advice.”

Success often depends ongettingin the gap.

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