The sun is extremely active right now. Between September 7 and September 10, there were no fewer than 7 X-class solar flares, including one monster, an X-17, which was the 8th largest ever recorded. The Space Weather Observatory estimates that there is a 75% chance of more X-class flares emerging from extremely active sunspot 798. This gigantic sunspot can be seen with the naked eye, but NEVER even glance directly at the sun. (For safe observation instructions, click here.) An S-2 class radiation storm is also under way. At this time, protons are streaming past earth at nearly light speed. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the protons, and astronauts aboard the International Space Station are safe as long as they remain inside the station. Satellites and robotic spacecraft are experiencing minor problems, but modern satellites are well protected from solar radiation, and major problems are rare. Recent studies have confirmed that the sun is more active now than it has been in at least the last thousand years. For more information, go to Where else will you read about the ongoing story of the sun? Not on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. Keep going– subscribe today!

Is James Kunstler the curmudgeon Anne Strieber says he is? When it comes to predicting the future, he’s not a sunny optimist–he says we’re running out of gas. Be sure to tune into Dreamland, when he tells us what’s ahead for us.

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