Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is alive and planning more terrorist attacks around the world, according to Richard Nobel, the head of Interpol. He says, ”Intelligence experts all agree that right now al-Qaeda is preparing a high-profile terrorist operation, with attacks targeting not just the U.S. but several countries at the same time. The battlefield now spreads across every country and mobilizes several terrorist groups?Sleeper cells are in place, unknown to the police, who are ready to act from one day to the next.”

There has been no hard evidence that bin Laden is still alive since the invasion of Afghanistan. However, the Arab satellite TV channel Al Jazeera has played messages it says are from him. In September, it played a recording of Bin Laden’s voice naming all 19 hijackers from the September 11th terrorist attacks. Last month, it broadcast a two-minute recording from Bin Laden threatening a strike ”against U.S. economic interests” if Washington didn?t stop attacking Arab and Muslim countries. It also broadcast Bin Laden praising the attacks on U.S. Marines in Kuwait and a French super tanker off Yemen.

Despite these messages, several leading government officials believe Bin Laden is dead, including Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and FBI counter-terrorism chief Dale Watson. Since we can use voice identification technology to compare these broadcasts with videos on which Bin-Laden speaks, we must assume that either the results are ambiguous or else intelligence officials?for some reason?want to keep us in the dark about whether Osama is alive or dead.

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