…using only your brain! – We have reported before on technology that will enable paraplegics to control an internet cursor using only their brain waves. Now researchers may have found a way for them to send email that way too (and it’s one way to avoid spam)!

The technology is based on the fact our brains are powered by electricity. Another use for this technology would be to enable us to control video games with our brains. In MSNBC, Eric Bland quotes researcher Mike D’Zmura as saying, “I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating.” Bland quotes D?Zmura as saying that his research has two objectives, and the first is to compose a message “that little voice in your head.” After that, his teams wants to send that message to a particular individual using only the power of thought, so that it can be read as text or as a voice mail.

Here’s something interesting: in the many letters the Striebers received after Communion was originally published in 1987, everyone who wrote said that the Visitors talked to them inside their heads, without moving their mouths.

Bland quotes D’Zmura as saying, “The eventual application I see is for students sitting in the back of the lecture hall not paying attention because they are texting. Instead, students could be back there, just thinking to each other.”

But what about people listening in on thoughts you don’t want them to hear? D’Zmura has a solution for that too: “When I was a kid I occasionally said things that were inappropriate, and I learned not to do that. I think that people would learn to think in a way the computer couldn’t interpret. Or they can just switch it off.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

Even if nobody will admit it, unknowncountry.com listeners know that contact has begun (but let’s not shoot them down this time)!

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