One type of UFO that’s been spotted regularly over the lastdecade is the black triangle. They are big and black and,like almost all UFOs, silent.

Research by the National Institute for Discovery Sciencethinks at least some of these mysterious triangles may besecret, lighter-than-air, blimp-style craft manufactured bythe U.S. military, They call them “Big Black Deltas” orBBDs. NIDS first suspected the triangles were military-madewhen they noticed that many sightings took place near U.S.Air Force bases. One example is a sighting by over a dozenwitnesses, including four police officers, on January 5,2000, of a large, silent, low-flying black triangular-shapedobject that flew near Scott Air Force Base.

From sighting reports, NIDS estimates these craft are 600feet long and 300 feet wide, with a height of 40 feet, andthey could weigh as much as 100 tons. These dimensions areslightly smaller than the famous ?Hindenberg? Germandirigible, that crashed and exploded in New Jersey in 1937.Lighter-than-air vehicles are excellent for carrying heavyloads more cheaply than airplanes. They can also reach highaltitudes.

NIDS researcher Colm Kelleher says, ?[It?s] not exactlystealth mode. It’s inevitable that it will be declassified.There appears to be an increase in deployment of thesevehicles. The only time you see these things are when theyare leaving or coming in. A lot of these sightings are atnight. Our information is that they spend a long time aloft,weeks at a time. They can be thought of as ocean-goingships, rather than aircraft.?

L. Scott Miller, professor of Aerospace Engineering atWichita State University, specializes in black aircraft andthe world of secret flight. He says, “I do think that alarge airship, with a heavy lift and other missionobjectives, has been built?Slow flight at the right time canrender enemy radar useless. A ‘stealth blimp’ would befeasible in this respect. I suspect that?perhaps up to 30percent of the recent ‘Triangle UFO’ sightings are of blackworld aircraft, jets or airships.”

The UFO that may have caused the deadly crash of a Ukrainianfighter on July 27 was no military craft. The jet flew into agroup of spectators and killed 84 people, injuring 199 more.According to Russian NTV television, a slow-motion video ofthe accident shows a dark object rising in an arc from awoods near the Lviv airfield, close to the flight path of theSu-27, shortly before it crashed into the crowd.

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