The U.S. has a secret weapon they plan to unleash in the war against Iraq called “high power microwave technology” or HPM. Officially, HPM is classified, but information has leaked out (probably intentionally, in order to scare Saddam). It was originally designed to be used in the Star Wars program, but will be delivered to Iraq in Cruise missiles. It’s a microwave weapon that can unleash 2 billion watts of electricity at the speed of light and destroy all electronics within 1,000 feet. All computer records, as well as radio and TV transmitting ability, will be destroyed and will have to be rebuilt. The buildings in Iraq will still be standing, and most people will not be hurt, but functionally, the country will be back in the stone age. Since HPM results in little loss of life, it may change people’s opinions about the upcoming war.

HPM will cause huge disruptions in the delivery of goods such as food and medicine to the average Iraqi citizen, and all bank records will be wiped out. HPMs destroy nearby heart pacemakers and other hospital support systems, as well as cause airplanes to fall from the sky. However, this is basically a humane weapon (if there can be such a thing). Air Force Colonel Eileen Walling says, “There are signs that microwave weapons will represent a revolutionary concept for warfare, principally because microwaves are designed to incapacitate equipment rather than humans.”

Maybe we?ll eventually graduate from HPM to even more esoteric ways of fighting a war.

To see an illlustration of HPM,click here.

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