No matter how we feel about the torture of prisons and whether or not it is sometimes necessary, most of us were shocked by the photos from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Many of us are worried about what may be happening in our Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. Now the international organization Human Rights Watch has discovered secret US prisons in Poland and Romania. What’s going on in these places?

Andrew Buncombe writes in the Independent that like Guantanamo, these prisons, both based in ex-Soviet satellite countries in Eastern Europe, are out of the reach of US law and have been kept secret from international organizations, such as the UN. Both hold prisoners suspected of being terrorists. It’s believed that they have been in use since 2003.

The prisons were revealed by a leak of the secret flight logs of a CIA plane used to transport prisoners. Investigators discovered that a Boeing 757 jet with the tailgate marker N313P, identified as a plane used by the CIA, has often transported prisoners to a town near Warsaw in Poland which is known as a training camp for Polish intelligence. From Poland, the plane flew back and forth to the airport in the Romanian city of Kogalniceanu, which was used as a temporary stopover for over three thousand US troops headed for Iraq.

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