The government meeting on UFO disclosure that Whitley wrote about in his latest journal took place at the United Nations on February 12-14 and involved a number of representatives from the G8 countries, the papacy and three US senators.

Representatives of the US Air Force and the US National Guard were in attendance as well. The meeting was instigated by the senators because of the high level of UFO activity now being seen in the world.

At the meeting, it was decided to consider changing the approach to this matter in 2009 if sightings continue at their present high rate. Specifically, it would be stated that UFOs represent a genuine unknown that is worthy of scientific study, and they may well be guided by a non-human intelligence.

There is a rumor that it was decided to dismiss people claiming alien contact as charlatans, but this rumor emerged from somebody who did not attend the meeting. Whether or not the matter of abductions and close encounters was discussed is unknown.

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