Three years ago, China officially denied that the SARS epidemic existed there?until it eventually spread around the world. China finally admitted that SARS began in their country, but they still haven’t acknowledged that bird flu exists there. But forensic detectives there have just discovered evidence that a man died of H5N1 in 2003.

Debora MacKenzie reports in Science News that Chinese researchers who searched medical records discovered the death of the 24-year-old man. He died of pneumonia and tested negative for the SARS virus. It’s doubtful that this is an isolated case, so there have probably been many cases of bird flu in China. Under government pressure, the scientists tried to withdraw their paper from the New England Journal of Medicine, but the Journal printed it anyway.

If China wants to become a full economic partner with the West, they need to stop trying to “save face” and start saving lives, instead.

Is bird flu the danger that our government keeps announcing it is?or is this just another excuse to consolidate political power? Or is the government in the dark as much as we are? We don’t have all the answers to the bird flu question?nobody does?but as soon as we do, you can be sure you’ll read the facts right here, on our news and from Linda Howe’s reports on Dreamland. But will we still be here when that time comes??Only if you support us and subscribe today!

If you want to have a pleasant summer, stay away from chickens and read a good book!

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