It’s been discovered that nonsmokers who spent only four hours in a smoky Las Vegas casino had elevated levels of a cancer-causing agent called NNAL in their urine. Their urine also contained elevated levels of cotinine, which is a byproduct of nicotine. Both these chemicals only come from tobacco.

In, Marc Lallanilla quotes epidemiologist Robert West as saying, “This evidence could be dynamite. It is one thing to know that one is breathing in carcinogens; psychologically it is another to know that one’s own body has been contaminated by them.”

“The unique aspect of this research is that it simulates real-life exposure,” says epidemiologist Andrew Hyland. “The results show that even a four-hour stay in a smoky casino results in a significantly elevated body burden of a potent carcinogen. Previous epidemiologic studies have focused on long-term exposure, but this study shows that nonsmokers are being put at risk every time they go to a smoky establishment.”

Dr. John Spangler says, “The current study nails down the fact that a potent carcinogen is are found in the urine of individuals exposed to secondhand smoke. If it is in their urine, it certainly has circulated throughout their system.”

Get out of that smoky room and into the cool, healing breezes of the ocean.

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