With help from the U.S. Navy, the Russians hope to have a functional flying saucer built by 2007. They’ll be testing it at Webster Field in Maryland, so people there should be on the lookout for UFO reports then.

In wired.com, Noah Shachtman quotes engineer John Fischer as saying, “?If we can make it work, it’ll allow for new, radical concepts in aircraft design.” Engineers have discovered a way to create a vacuum around the saucer’s surface, to keep the air flowing around it.

According to author Phil Scott, engineers built a saucer-shaped craft known as the Flying Flapjack in the 1940s, which they tested at Area 51 in Nevada, leading to reports of UFO sightings in the area and rumors that a crashed flying saucer was being stored at the air base. He says, “It’s what originated many people’s belief in flying saucers.” The many people all over the world who have seen UFOs since then might disagree.

Want to know if UFOs are real? Ask a college professor!

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