Midwestern UFO researcher Kenny Young has investigated a bizarre case from Morehead, Kentucky that includes a detailed sighting by 3 witnesses and reports of a woman screaming in the immediate area during the time of the sighting. Subscribers: Don’t miss Whitley’s interview with him this week! Keep reading for details.

A local college professor was driving toward his home on Friday, November 21 between 9 and 10:00 p.m. with his 2 teenaged sons, when they all spotted a soundless aerial object hovering over a nearby open field that they described as an oval-shaped, white-colored light source as big as a pea held at arms length which moved “like a hummingbird would move.”

The object, seen in the dark and clear night skies, was relatively high in the sky when they first saw it and was “coming down, moving in increments as if an elevator would drop and stay there awhile, then drop and stay there awhile,” the professor says. This is consistent with the “falling leaf” motion that many UFOs are reported to make.

After they watched it for 3 or 4 minutes, the object began moving around to different parts of the sky. They got out of their car to see if they could identify the object and verified that it wasn?t a plane, a helicopter or aurora borealis.

“My first inclination was to rationalize what this object could have been,” the professor says, “rather than jumping to conclusions. After we ruled out the various possible explanations we assumed that this was a UFO. I know for a fact that there was no explanation for this object and I’m just glad I had my two sons with me to see it.”

After observing it for a few minutes, they all got back in the car and drove on home. “I would say that our feeling was more a sense of apprehension than fear,” he says, “I did not know what it was we were looking at and had some concern that it might or could have spotted us.”

After driving the short distance to their house, they went to a second floor bedroom and looked out the window to the northwest, where they continued to watch the object. As it descended lower toward the ground and seemed to be settling in a nearby field, its color had shifted from white to a reddish shade. The object’s size increased from a pea at arms length to a dime at arms length. “There was like a vacuum of silence while we watched this,” the professor says. “It was like everything was real quiet, at a standstill and then when it became a red color, everything went crazy.” Animals in the area suddenly erupted in a frenzy. Their neighbor’s dog began barking crazily and their German Shepherd dog tried to break its chain.

While the object got very close to the ground, he’s not certain it ever actually landed. After the object turned red, it accelerated and “shot off” to the west. He says, “We just stood there dumbfounded.” The sighting last a total of about 10 to 15 minutes.

“I was very reluctant to call the police about a UFO sighting,” he says. “At that point, we were not going to report this.” But then his sons heard the sound of screaming. He says, “It was a female voice. [My sons] got in the car and?called [the police] from their cell phone to say that they had been hearing screaming sounds in the field where this thing came down. Approximately 20 minutes after the UFO sighting, the police were at my door. There were about 20 officers and a rescue squad over in the field where I spotted the UFO. They were combing the area and asked me what I knew about someone screaming. Apparently, others had heard the screaming sounds [as well].”

One of the sons said it was the desperate, blood curdling scream of a female voice that kept saying: “Help me, oh my God, help me!”

“Apparently several people had heard the screaming, I don’t know how long it lasted,” the professor says.

When the police showed up, “I took the officer to the side and explained to him that this is going to sound crazy, but I need to tell you what I saw tonight?The officer taking my report took me seriously. He didn’t write anything down while I talked with him.” The professor later discovered that a UFO report on the incident had been made to the National UFO Reporting Center, in spite of the fact that neither he, nor his sons, filed it. He says, “I’m still trying to figure out who reported this.” He thinks it may have been a member of the police or rescue squad who also saw the UFO.

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