We’ve heard of fluorescent chicken (an effect probably caused by bacteria), but glowing dogs? Would these be used for hunting at night? South Korean scientists have created a glowing dog using a cloning technique.

Tegon, a genetically modified female beagle born in 2009, glows fluorescent green under ultraviolet light if given the right antibiotic. Her glow can be turned on or off by adding a drug to her dog food. If this treatment could be modified for humans, it could help target cancer cells before they spread. It could also help treat 268 other illnesses that humans and dogs have in common. One of these is high blood pressure. And the "white-coat effect" is not reserved for only the human patients who see their blood pressure rise in response to the stress of a doctor visit. In a new study, researchers have determined that anxiety associated with being in a veterinary hospital elevates the blood pressure in retired racing greyhounds.

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