Scientists from Cambridge University have confirmed that theGulf Stream is weakening, and this is likely to bring muchcolder temperatures to Europe within a few years. Theweakening is significant: the Gulf Stream is flowing at aquarter of the strength that was present five years ago.

This is happening because gigantic chimneys of cold waterthat were sinking from the surface to the sea bed offGreenland have disappeared. These chimneys are the keyengine of world climate as we know it today, and theirdisappearance signals the beginning of a great catastrophe.There will be a special report about this important story onthis week’sDreamland!

This is the first research to show unequivocal evidence ofthe phenomenon, which was originally predicted in the ComingGlobal Superstorm, published in 1999.

In Superstorm and in the film based on it, the Day AfterTomorrow, the event unfolds over the course of a week. TheCambridge scientists are predicting now that there will beclear water at the North Pole as early as 2020, and thattemperatures in Britain are likely to drop by 5-8 degreesCelsius, from an average of 22 at present to 14 to 17 in thefuture. An average as low as 17 (62 Fahrenheit) will meanthat the summer growing season will be catastrophicallycurtailed in Europe, leading to huge declines in productionfrom one of the world’s primary surplus production zones.

It will also mean that winters similar to those in Finlandwill extend far south into France, and that there is apossibility that a series of “no-melt” summers across thenorthern latitudes could cause the reflectivity of theplanet to increase to the point that new glaciation will begin.

The weakening of the Gulf Stream is destabilizing currentsworldwide, and will lead to radical climate changes in otherareas. The nature of these changes is not known, and thecurrent US administration has blocked US environmentalagencies from studying the phenomenon, so the severity ofits effect in this country is not under study. However, itis likely that the eastern US and eastern Canada willexperience climate change as radical as that in Europe, asthe Gulf Stream drops south. At the least, food productionand liveability in the eastern half of North America will beseverely challenged.

Scientists are currently assuming that the Gulf Stream willslow and stop over a period of years, not suddenly, aspredicted in Superstorm and portrayed in the Day After Tomorrow.

However, there is ample evidence that sudden and extremechanges have taken place worldwide in the reported on this phenomenon inDecember of2004 and earlier inNovember of 2003.

There is a mechanism that changes a process of climatechange that seems to be unfolding over a period of yearsinto a violent event that takes just hours or days todevelop, and then remains in a radically changed condition.This happened 5,200 years ago, as has amply been revealed inthe fossil record.

Why it happened remains unknown, but it certainly had to dowith the very sort of spiking of temperatures that the worldhas experienced over the past fifty years, and a reversal.

The changes that are taking place in the Gulf Stream areunstoppable. They will unfold. How that will happen, andwhether or not the process will involve sudden and violentworldwide storms such as those that took place 5,200 yearsago remains unknown.

It is, however, essential that planning for the change beginat once. At the least, the world faces dramatic economicupheavals and a decline in food production at a time whenboth energy and food needs are at the highest they have everbeen in history.

So far, the only other media outlet that has picked up thisstory is the Sunday Times of Great Britain, and they havenot provided the true perspective, or discussed the scale ofthe changes that are on their way. For the Times story,,2087-1602579,00.html,clickhere.

We need to concentrate on cleaning up our problems here onEarth so future generations can inherit a world worth livingin, beforeThe DayAfter Tomorrow arrives. Read the novella based on the hitmovie!

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