Unknowncountry Exclusive – This week’s Dreamland features a scientistdiscussing an implant that was placed in his body inFebruary of 2008. This is the most exhaustively studied ofall the fourteen objects that have so far been extractedfrom close encounter witnesses by Dr. Roger Leir and hissurgical team. Prior it its being removed from Mr. Smith’sbody, like a number of other similar objects, it was foundto be broadcasting an FM signal. Keep reading to learn the conclusions of the lab report on this implant.

1. The sample consists mainly of iron, with a high carbonand oxygen content. The iron base material contains 5.2%nickel, and is highly magnetic. Traces of iridium and otherprecious metals, tungsten, gallium, and germanium stronglysuggest the sample’s metallic portion was derived from meteoric iron and is extraterrestrial in origin.

2. The extreme differences in the isotopic ratios of thesample elements from the isotopic ratios of elements foundon Earth provide evidence the sample material may be ofextraterrestrial origin.

3. The sample consists of two major phases; an iron/nickel(Fe/Ni) phase and a nonmetallic phase resembling a hardbiological substance, such as shell, tooth, or bone. The iridescence of the non-metallic phase, seen in lightmicroscopy, suggests a layered microstructure similar tomother-of-pearl or opal.

4. The similarity of the non-metallic phase composition tobiological material may be responsible the patient’s lack ofimmune response to the object.

5. This non-metallic phase is high in carbon, oxygen,silicon, magnesium, aluminum, sulfur, and phosphorus, and ispresent as an outer covering on the sample and as inclusionsin the metallic Fe/Ni phase.

6. The non-metallic phase of the sample also containsbundles of carbon nanotubes, perhaps covered or filled, withcalcium and magnesium silicates, phosphates and sulfates.

7. The inclusions of the non-metallic phase have unusualshapes which suggest artificiality and functionality. This,along with the fact the object was emitting radio signalsbefore removal, strongly indicates this is a manufacturednanotechnological device which was inserted in patient Smithfor a definite purpose.

8. The function of the device cannot be determined withcertainty from the available data and the device may havehad multiple functions and missions. It is possible two ofits functions involved monitoring of the physiological stateof Mr. Smith’s body and mood/mind control. Copyright, April 30th, 2009

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