Witnesses who found the debris from the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in 1947 reported seeing metal as thin as the silver foil from a cigarette pack that nonetheless could not be pierced by a bullet. Now Discover Magazine reports that scientists have created what sounds like the same thing.

Brad Lemley writes in the April issue of Discover about a metal strip as thin as aluminum foil that cannot be even be severed by wire cutters. When a steel ball is dropped onto it, the ball bounces back and will not go through it.

Lemley writes, “It’s all astounding, yet oddly familiar. In the typical science fiction film circa 1950, there’s that scene in which scientists return from the just-landed flying saucer and tell the Army brass that no tool known to humankind an cut, burn, bend or otherwise scar the hull. But the metal in front of me is decidedly terrestrial in origin?it was developed in Pasadena?

“It’s called metallic glass, or amorphous metal, and it appears to be nothing less than an entirely new class of material that can be used to build lighter, stronger versions of anything.” Amorphous metal is made by rearranging the atoms in metal so they react differently to heat. William Johnson, who helped discover it, says, “This is the structural material of the future.” Was it also the structural material of the past for another civilization?

A strange type of foam, made up of magnesium and bismuth, with gaps between elements which do not reveal how they are sandwiched together, was also found at Roswell. Johnson says, “A sandwich made of two thin sheets of amorphous metal flanking amorphous foam would be strong, light, insulating fireproof, bug-proof, rustproof, sound dampening, and difficult to penetrate with bombs.”

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