Most scientists assume that aliens can’t be here because interstellar travel is impossible. But Dr. Eric Davis of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin is saying that new discoveries mean that ‘warp drives’ may not as difficult to create as once thought. If so, then it is almost inevitable that aliens are here. So why aren’t scientists more open to this possibility? Dr. Davis says that UFOs are "artificial objects under intelligent control," but he calls the subject a "forbidden topic" in science and explains that the UFO topic is a military secret.

For years, this has been all too obvious to the hundreds of thousands of people who have had close encounters of the third kind, and the millions who have seen UFOs and observed their phenomenal ability to maneuver. However, the scientific community, and mankind in general, has been the victim of social engineering, at least some of it intentional, that is intended to convince the average person that the UFO topic is nonsense and that close encounter witnesses are to be scorned.

Dr. Davis says, "Science is about open-minded inquiry. You shouldn’t be laughing off people." He presented a much-anticipated talk entitled "Faster-Than-Light Space Warps and Interstellar Flight: What’s It All About," at the 2013 Mutual UFO Network Symposium in Las Vegas on the weekend of July 18-21.

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