Legendary researcher Rupert Sheldrake will be on our 2nd online Dreamland show. Starting Saturday, November 30 at 3PM PST, you can listen to this show by clicking “Listen Now” on the upper right hand side of the masthead. Sheldrake reveals a group of experiments so powerful that they could change the world–and tells how YOU can participate. Ever sensed somebody standing behind you? Wondered how flocks of birds all turn at the same second? Noticed that your pet anticipates your return? Learn how all of this relates to a whole new kind of psychic empowerment. NOTE: You do NOT need to be online at exactly 3PM PST on Saturday to hear this show–you can listen anytime by following the directions below?

Dreamland Online can be heard using Windows Media on PCs, Macs and WebTV. If you get buffering or slow loading because the site is too active, use our backup Live365 site by clicking here. Remember, you can listen anytime, and if you want to stop, just make a note of the time on the player, and you can return to that point later. You can still listen to our first Dreamland Online show, an interview with Andrew Collins, by clicking “Listen Now” as well. He talks about his breakthrough book “Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy,”click here.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake changed the world with the idea of morphic resonance, and now he’s out to change it again with seven simple, extremely powerful experiments that empower us by enabling us to prove to ourselves that we have psychic power, and to learn to use that precious resource in our lives. To join in the experiment right now, go to Rupert’s website, http://www.sheldrake.org. To get his new book, “Seven Experiments That Could Change the World,” click here.

This interview plays ONLY on Dreamland Online, available from 3PM on Saturday, November 29, and will not be broadcast on the radio. For more information, click the Dreamland tab at the top right of our homepage.

Broadcast Dreamland will be running a tape of an earlier interview with Gary Schwartz, author of ?The Afterlife Experiments,? click here. In this popular show, Schwartz tells how he used scientific methods to prove that mediums were really in contact with the dead.

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