Arab countries are funding 7,000 Islamic seminaries aroundthe world that train young terrorists. The funding comesmostly from Saudi Arabia and is sent to seminaries incountries such as Bosnia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Rep. Edward Royce, a California Republican, recentlyreturned from a trip to the Middle East. He says U.S. alliesin Central Asia urged him to help stop the Saudi funding ofIslamic seminaries in their countries because they don’twant attacks on Westerners and non-Muslims within theirborders.

?In Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, when I was there,the question was brought up repeatedly that it?s Gulf Statemoney ? it?s Saudi money, you know, that is coming in tofund this ? not just in Pakistan but in the whole region,?says Royce. ?And so I just bring to the administration’sattention [that] we need to figure out a strategy for GulfState money. It isn?t the governments in the Gulf state butit is influential people in the Gulf States that are fundingthese jihadi schools, and we need to address it.?

The House and Senate plan to restructure U.S. relations withSaudi Arabia. This could include legislation to end weaponssales to the Saudis. They have already decided to rejectvisas issued by the Saudi Arabian travel agency, whichissued most of the visas used by the 911 terrorists.

Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, says Saudi Arabia is notfully cooperating with the war on terrorism. ?It doesn?t puton embargoes,” he says. He stops short of calling thecountry “a state sponsor of terrorism? but he does thinkthat a weapons embargo ?would make the point that we don’tthink they’re cooperating enough.”

Rep. Tom Lantos, a California Democrat, is angry that theSaudis have prevented the U.S. Air Force from using PrinceSultan Air Base for Persian Gulf military operations. Hesays, ?This has been a one-way relationship for too long.And it is an outrage that the most modern and up-to-datemilitary facility in the region apparently would not be madeavailable for our use in case hostilities were to arise inthat region.”

Why didn?t the FBI realize the extent of Saudi terroristactivities before 911? Read ?The Bureau: The Secret Historyof the FBI? by Ronald Kessler,click here.

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