It’s been reported in the mainstream media that Boeing is building a flying saucer, but the aircraft company hotly denies it. Reports say that Boeing’s work is based on antigravity research conducted by controversial Russian scientist Yevgeny Podkletnov, but Boeing spokesman David Phillips says there’s no company funding for such a project.

However, on Dreamland, Saturday, September 28, Nick Cook, author of “The Search for Zero Point” click here tellsabout the smuggled Boeing documents that give the details about Boeing’s new anti-gravity aircraft.But Phillips brushes off these allegations. “I mentioned that” to others at Boeing, he says. “We can’t even deny it and get away with it.” He claims that Boeing would have to acknowledge it if there was a such a research program.

Cook says details about Boeing?s anti-gravity craft are classified, which would be one reason they have to deny making the saucers. But even Russia can no longer afford to do this type of research?so who are we keeping this information from? UFO researchers suspect that this research is based on studies of UFOs?either on radar or up close, if the stories of crashed saucers are legitimate. It?s interesting that the first research into anti-gravity has come out of Russia, where military officers, cosmonauts, pilots and scientists have openly acknowledged the existence of UFOs.

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