In what has always been assumed to be a meteor crash in1908, 60 million trees in an 800-square-mile area of theisolated Tunguska forest in Siberia were flattened. Themysterious devastation wasn’t discovered until many yearslater, and no traces of the meteorite were ever found. NowRussian scientists say this may have been caused by a UFO. reports that Russian scientists have foundpart of a UFO in the area, in the form of a large block ofmysterious metal. They plan to test its composition. They’vealso found a large rock, which may have been part of themeteorite that exploded in the sky before it hit the ground.

The object that flattened Tunguska weighed almost a billiontons. At the time of the explosion, local residents saw ahuge fireball, followed by a huge flash and a shock wavethat knocked people off their feet and broke windows 400miles away. The explosion was detected by instruments as faraway as the U.K. It?s not unusual for meteorites to explodein the air; when this happens, the rock can pulverize intosuch small pieces that there will be no evidence left on theground.

Researcher Yuri Lavbin believes that a UFO prevented thespace rock from impacting the ground. He says, “I am fullyconfident and I can make an official statement that we weresaved by some forces of a superior civilization. Theyexploded this enormous meteorite that headed towards us withenormous speed. Now this great object that caused themeteorite to explode is found at last. We will continue ourresearch.”

In the NASA website, Robert Roy Britt quotesastronomer Benny Peiser as saying, “I’m afraid this is arather stupid hoax. The Russian team stupidly stated longbefore they went to Siberia that the main intention of theirexpedition was to find the remnants of an ‘alien spaceship!’And bingo! A week later, that’s what they claim to have found.

“I am not saying they didn’t find an alien ship. I am sayingthat it’s a) unlikely in the extreme, and b) they arepredisposed to make such claims, which means we need to bevery skeptical, even more so than usual in such cases. Ifthey provide sufficient evidence, then scientists areobligated to investigate, of course?[The piece of metal]would need a weird ratio of isotopes, for examples, or clearevidence of long duration space travel?Let’s see what theseguys bring back.”

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