Another witness steps forward – As our readers and listeners know, we take UFOs?including the Roswell crash?seriously, which is why we’re excited to report that ANOTHER Roswell witness has turned up who says that the 1947 UFO crash was real?a man who was with the local fire department when it happened!

In UFO digest, Anthony Bragalia interviews the son of Rue Chrisman, who was the Roswell Fire Department chief at the time of the crash. He died in 1981 at age of 98. Bragalia quotes the son as saying, “It did happen. There was a big coverup. The crash was real?I knew too many who knew.”

When Bragalia asked the son if any Roswell Firemen from 1947 are still alive, he replied that there was still “one left,” but wouldn’t tell him his real name. He identified him only as “Mr. Smith,” and said he was 90 years old. He put Bragalia in touch with him.

Retired fireman “Smith” told Braglia that a colonel from Roswell visited the Fire Department right after the crash and said that an unknown craft had crashed nearby. He warned them all not to speak about it.

A firefighter named Dan Dwyer disobeyed the colonel’s orders to stay away from the scene, and went out to the crash site to investigate. According to Braglia, Dwyer’s daughter, Frankie Rowe, says her father was able to “view the craft and its occupants.”

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