Scientists and philosophers in the UK are studying the likelihood of robots taking over and destroying our world.

The Center for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) will study the dangers posed by biotechnology, artificial life, nanotechnology and climate change. They think that to dismiss concerns of a potential robot uprising would be "dangerous."

The BBC News quotes CSER researchers as saying, "The seriousness of these risks is difficult to assess, but that in itself seems a cause for concern, given how much is at stake."

They quote researcher Huw Price as saying, "It seems a reasonable prediction that some time in this or the next century intelligence will escape from the constraints of biology. What we’re trying to do is to push it forward in the respectable scientific community.

Price says that as robots and computers become smarter than humans, we could find ourselves at the mercy of "machines that are not malicious, but machines whose interests don’t include us."

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