For over a century, archeologists have speculated about what’s behind a blocked-off door in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The door was discovered in 1872 and is blocked by a gigantic stone. On September 17, a robot will crawl under the door and video the area. All that scientists have managed to glimpse so far is the door, which has beautiful copper handles, indicating there may be untouched, priceless antiquities inside.

The tiny robot is small enough to get past the stone plug and will try to pass fiber optic cables through cracks under and around the door, to broadcast live video images of what?s inside the hidden room. Some Egyptologists believe the shaft leading up to the room may have been designed for religious or numerological reasons, since it appears to be aligned with the star Sirius and the constellation Orion.

They don?t know when?or why?the room was blocked off. The plug is made of limestone from the hills outside of Cairo, so it could have been put there by the pyramid builders themselves.

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