U.S. intelligence agencies are recruiting psychics to help predict future terrorist attacks and to find Osama Bin Laden.

The U.S. government established the remote viewing program known as Stargate in the 1970s to detect Soviet weapons, locate hostages, and to assist other intelligence operations. The program, which was developed at the Stanford Research Institute in California, was supposedly shut down in 1995 after its existence was leaked to the news media. However, many sources suspect it simply went deeper underground.

Now U.S. intelligence agencies are reactivating some Stargate members, asking them to predict likely targets of future terrorist attacks. Angela Thompson-Smith and Lyn Buchanan, former members of Stargate, confirm that they have been approached. According to one remote viewer, ?Our reports suggest a sports stadium could be a likely target.?

The FBI and CIA refused to comment but confirmed investigators have been told to ?think out[side] of the box.?

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