Sunday Times of London, Washington Post, Techo-Eugenics Email Newsletter – Members of the Raelian religion, which believes that human beings were created by extraterrestrial scientists, said they have begun trying to clone a ten-month-old girl who died earlier this year. The parents of the dead girl, who wish to remain anonymous, have given the human cloning company Clonaid, which is controlled by the religious group, a million dollars to clone their dead daughter. The Sunday Times of London reports that the “project is carried out in a secret laboratory” in Nevada and that “scientists involved hope their baby will be born towards the end of next year.”

Clonaid has employed four scientists, who are working with 50 female volunteers, who have offered to be egg donors and surrogate mothers. The Clonaid website,, states that, “This service offers a fantastic opportunity to parents with fertility problems or homosexuals.” They plan to charge approximately $20,000 for the service in the future.

The Rael religion says it has 55,000 members in 84 countries. Their website is

The Washington Post quoted scientists Lee Silver, from Princeton University, and Michael West, who works in advanced cell technology, as saying that it is now technically possible to clone a human being. According to George Siedel, an expert on cloning from Colorado State University, “It?s a numbers game. It?s very likely that if you did it enough times you could make it work.”

Sources: Sunday Times of London, Washington Post, Techo-Eugenics Email Newsletter

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