We’ve written before that geneticists think that redheads may be closely related to Neanderthals. Now it turns out that people with red hair feel less pain?could their Neanderthal ancestry be the reason for this?

Scientists want to know if there is a natural mechanism at work in redheads that can be adapted to help in developing new painkillers and anesthetics. Studies on “redhead” mice, which have blonde fur but carry a similar gene to the one that causes red hair in humans, are helping the scientists target the pain-reducing mechanism.

Maybe red heads are so busy dashing around, they simply don’t have time to feel pain. If you’re pressed for time, you can get all your edge news?the kind nobody else reports?by going to the unknowncountry.com news page every day. Make sure we’ll be here for you tomorrow?subscribe today. And show your colors!

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