Now that the cellphones that people are carrying around have CAMERAS in them, a lot more people are snapping photos of UFOs! Recently, these have been taken in Michigan, Scotland and Argentina. We’ve included the links, so YOU can see them too!

Saginaw, Michigan resident Matthew B. Mook was taking a picture of a sunset with a regular digital camera when he shot a photo of a UFO. In the Saginaw News, Cole Waterman quotes Mook as saying, “I know what it’s not: It’s not a plane.”

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In Scotland, Lyle Brennan was walking in the hills with friends and carrying his cellphone when he spotted the orange balls of light that had been seen in the area lately, so he took out his phone and snapped a photo of them. In the Edinburgh Evening News, Gareth Edwards and Chris Marshall quotes Brennan as saying, “When we looked back over our shoulders we could see a succession of fiery orange lights moving across the sky. They appeared to be coming from the hills in groups of two or three, moving north very slowly and gradually burning out after about a minute.”

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A photo of a UFO that was recently shot in Argentina. Like so many UFO images, Gaston Damia didn?t notice the UFO in the photo that a friend had taken of him until he looked at the photo on his computer. Researcher Scott Corrales quotes Damia’s friend Patricio Pereyra, who took the photo, as saying, “I took several at that site, it was a sequence. And the fact is that we hadn’t seen anything at all. The next day we got together to see the photos taken by a friend who went there with us, and that’s when we saw it.”

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During the past winter, a UFO was seen diving into a frozen pond on a farm near Knoxville, Iowa, where it made a hole in the ice 2 feet across. However, no one has been able to get a photo of that one?despite the fact that divers have searched the bottom of the pond with flashlights and an underwater video camera?because the water is too cloudy. On the website, Bea Karnes quotes the property owner, Terry Straube, as saying, “It just makes me want to take my clothes off go down and find it but it’s too cold, and I’m too old.”

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