Paul Smith is a retired army intelligence officer, a Desert Storm vet, and for seven years was an operational remote viewer and instructor. Like most remote viewers, he was trained by the US government, even though the CIA has declared that their remote viewing program does not exist. Paul’s new book has a foreword by famed columnist Jack Anderson. Paul is, along with a few others like Lynn Buchanan, Russell Targ and Joe Mcmoneagle, a remote viewer of proven effectiveness.

On this week’s Dreamland show, we will go undercover in the remote viewing program and talk about rarely discussed individuals such as senate staffer Richard Damato and CIA officer “Robin,” both of whom played important hidden roles in the remote viewing program, and were personal friends of Whitley Strieber. You are never going to hear an interview like this again, as two insiders who DON’T keep secrets lay their cards on the table, and tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t, and why. For our subscribers, we go into the remote viewing shadows and discuss things that have literally NEVER been talked about publically before. Among the things we will discuss is a new process called associative remote viewing, that involves remote viewing the future. This is a rare chance to go behind the scenes with a bona fide remote viewer, who can prove his effectiveness by the many corporate and police clients he serves. To access Paul’s website, click here.

In her science report, Linda Howe talks about horrific “half-cat” mutilations in Washington State.

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