Can scientists discover a way to read our minds? Some of them are on the way to doing just that. If they can then figure out ways to project thoughts INTO our brains, mind control is not far off.

Neurons in the part of the brain called the hippocampus activate when we move around to tell us where we are. When researchers tested volunteers by placing them in virtual environments (via a computer), while looking at their brains with an fMRI machine, they were able to figure out their “location.”

BBC News quotes researcher Eleanor Maguire as saying, “We asked whether we could see any interesting patterns in the neural activity that could tell us what the participants were thinking, or in this case where they were. Surprisingly, just by looking at the brain data we could predict exactly where they were in the virtual reality environment. In other words we could ‘read’ their spatial memories.”

We aren’t going to go out walking or driving with large machines attached to our brains, but this technology could be perfected so that scientists could “read” brains at a distance. This would be great for finding lost people, but it would be a major blow for personal privacy.

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