We recently reported on strange lights over Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. On the night of January 22, witnesses observed a row of seven white lights directly over the base. “Steve” writes: “I just read your article regarding the light phenomena at Ramstein AFB. This was the first time I ever saw any reference to an occurrence similar to the one that I witnessed in the mid-70’s. Kincheloe Air Force Base was east-southeast of where I was when I saw the lights. At this time it was a SAC base that was home to the 449th Bombardment Wing, and I can recall seeing B-52s flying low over the Michigan cedar swamps.

“I was on a week-long canoeing and camping trip on Isle Royal, in Lake Superior, with two friends. On our last night, our campsite overlooked a small bay on the southeastern side of the island. Near midnight I left the tent for the usual reason, and looked to the southeast, over the water. In the far distance, I saw a near-horizontal row of white vertical lines a few degrees above the horizon. There were perhaps fifteen of these lines, about the length of the diameter of a dime held at arm’s length.

“The lines at the center of the array were brighter than the lines at the end of the array. They were slowly moving from right to left; that is, a line would appear on the right and slowly brighten as it moved to the left until it faded beyond the center and disappeared entirely on the left. Due to the chilly outside temperature I returned to the tent before the display disappeared. I pointed it out to my friends and the next morning one of them said I ‘just saw the Northern Lights, that’s all.’

“If I remember the date of our trip with any accuracy, it was in, or near, the waning days of the Vietnam War. However, the 449th supplied B-52H?s to the Vietnam Conflict only through 1965.”

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