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Beginning July 6, 2001, Hartsville, Tennessee experienced three big booms, several days apart, that knocked radio station WJKM off the air. According to WJKM general manager Ted Randall, ?At about 10:45 am Friday [July 6], radio station WJKM?with studios in Hartsville, Tennessee, was knocked off the air by a very powerful strange energy blast. There was a crystal clear blue sky, no clouds or rain. It was not lightning. All the radio station?s [phone] lines were knocked out. Several power transformers were blown several blocks away from the studios (smoke seen billowing out of one). All phone lines at the newspaper (The Hartsville Vidette), the local farm co-op and all other phones in this small radius were knocked out.?

When WJKM employees investigated the area surrounding the station, they found many birds that were badly burned but still alive. One of them was still alive, hopping around with its wings and tail feathers burned off. Phone lines at the nearby newspaper office of An employee at the Hartsville Vidette, which is next door to the radio station, was sitting with her back to the window when she heard a loud roaring sound and something came through the window and a flash of light went through the entire building.

Radio listeners called in and said there was mysterious activity at the old Hartsville nuclear power plant site, which was never completed and looks like an abandoned ghost town. They said they heard strange humming sounds coming from the location. Some saw strange triangular shaped craft overhead, and silent black helicopters flew nearby at all hours of the night.

Speaking to a live radio audience on July 21, WJKM engineer Ted Randall released the results on his on-going investigation of the phenomenon. His investigation has eliminated power transformer malfunction caused by birds or internal mechanical problems as causes of the electromagnetic blast, as well as lightning.

On the radio report, Randall presented live and taped eyewitness testimony. Although the nuclear facility has been officially closed for some time, eyewitnesses testified there were clandestine activities taking place there. These included sightings of tractor-trailer trucks entering and leaving the former nuclear power plant at 2 or 3 am, sightings of C-130 military aircraft flying over the facility, sightings of unmarked black helicopters monitoring the area, and multiple witness reports of black triangular craft hovering over the former power plant. A civilian witness venturing near the sitereported being aggressively ejected by a private police force.

Witnesses gave descriptions of a tell-tale flashing blue pulse that accompanied the destruction, of the kind that usually accompanies the discharge of electromagnetic pulse weapons. Randall also presented audio recordings of the audible electronic hum that accompanied the alleged attack.

According to Randall, ?These [power] surges are not just coming into the power lines. They are also entering the radio station through phone lines and the antenna system. This is evident in blown telephone equipment. Sometimes the equipment is not destroyed but the program settings are scrambled or wiped out.? Randall described photographs of dead, electronically-fried birds that littered a mile-square area around the radio station.

Randall stated that local residents are experiencing adverse health effects. ?It is also interesting that according to listeners who have called in, there has apparently been an increase in what they are calling fibromyalgia,? he said. ?This is a disease name appointed to the unexplainable severe and disabling pain throughout the entire body?as well as an increase in headaches mimicking migraines that are not actual migraines.?

Radio station WJKM may have been chosen as a test target for a clandestine electronic warfare unit located within the power plant. One purpose of such testing could be to evaluate the physical impact of electronic warfare on U.S. domestic radio installations. The U.S. military has a long history of secretly testing weapons on unsuspecting civilians.

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