Two labs?the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland and Fermilab in the US?are racing to discover the theoretical particle called the Higgs Boson, which has been called the “God particle.”

Fermilab, located in Illinois, says the odds of its own accelerator finding the particle before CERN does are 50-50 at worst, 96% at best. In both labs, accelerators are searching for the God particle by crashing sub-atomic material together at super high speeds.

Both machines hope to see evidence of the Higgs by colliding sub-atomic matter at very high speeds. If it exists, the Higgs should emerge from the debris.

In BBC News, James Morgan quotes Fermilab’s Dmitri Denisov as saying, “We now have a very, very good chance that we will see hints of the Higgs before the [CERN] will.”

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Dreamland host William Henry thinks that CERN is actually a stargate. If they (or Fermilab) discover the God particle, maybe we’ll find out!

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