There’s evidence that quarks have passed through the Earth, giving scientists proof they really exist. Quarks are a strange form of matter that scientists think was created after the Big Bang, and are so dense that a piece the size of a human cell would weigh a ton. However, not every scientist agrees they’re real.

Physicists teamed up with seismologists to search for traces of quarks that might have passed through the Earth at supersonic speed and released the energy of a 50-kiloton nuclear bomb, causing earthquake-like tremors.

In 1993, scientists began to search the world’s seismographic records for unexplained events. They looked at more than a million records collected by the U.S. Geological Survey between 1990 to 1993 that were not associated with traditional earthquakes. They decided that quarks could be identified because they would leave a unique seismic signal?a straight line. They estimated that a quark would pass through the earth at 250 miles per second, 40 times the speed of seismic waves. They could estimate the speed by taking measurements from many different recording stations, all over the world.

They found two examples where the arrival times and forms of seismic waves pointed to linear bursts of energy. One event occurred on October 22, 1993, when something entered the Earth off Antarctica and left it south of India about ? of a second later. It was recorded at monitoring stations in India, Australia, Bolivia and Turkey.

The other occurred on November 24, 1993, when an object entered south of Australia and exited the Earth near Antarctica less than ? of a second later. This was recorded at nine monitoring stations in Australia and Bolivia.

Researcher Eugene Herrin says, “We can’t prove that this was strange quark matter, but that is the only explanation that has been offered so far.”

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