How do psychopaths (who are all around us) find their victims? A new study suggests they are deeply attuned to vulnerable people.

Researcher Kevin Wilson says, “?The lion goes after the most vulnerable, the one they have the best chance of getting?It?s a perceptual system geared to getting the easiest prey.”To test this theory, the psychologists showed slides of different faces to a sample of young men. The faces were either happy or sad, male or female, and were described as being in either a high- or low-paying job. Wilson found that the men who scored high on a psychopathic personality questionnaire (a series of 187 questions probing emotional reactions and impulsivity) possessed the unusual ability to spot sad females in low-paying jobs. Wilson says, “What we concluded is that psychopathy is associated with a kind of ?predatory memory. They may use this to actively select their victims.”

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