Scientists have proved that psychic healing works by havinga healer from India direct healing energy towards seeds in apetri dish. The seeds that received the healer’s attentiongrew faster than those in a control group. And when healersdirected energy towards cultured brain cells, they grewfaster. The healing affected random number generators aswell.

Randall Fitzgerald writes inPhenomena Magazine that the healer focused his attention onthe seeds and “willed” them to grow faster by mentallysummoning up healing energies and aiming them towards theseeds. The seeds that received the healing energy sprouted20% faster than the control group.

The researchers Katherine Creath and Gary Schwartz wrote,”The difference in germination rates between differentconditions cannot be explained by mean temperature,temperature differences between chambers, petri dishposition, or persons scoring the seeds.”

Healing has also been tested on cultured human brain cells.The cells were influenced by a four Johrei healers. Duringeach 25 minute session, the Johrei healers sat in front ofthe cells, which were in a container inside a shielded room,and directed healing energy towards them. These brain cellssharply increased their growth rate, compared to a controlgroup of cells.

Another test was secretly done at the same time: during thehealing sessions, three separate random number generatorswere been operating continuously, hidden behind a curtaininside the shielded room. All three of them deviated fromchance on the third day of testing, and remained at thislevel until the last session ended. Their random numberstreams became more orderly and no longer seemed determinedby chance, despite being programmed that way.

Researchers Dean Radin, Ryan Taft, Garret Yount wrote:”Similar effects, apparently linked to group attention andintention, have been reported by a growing number ofindependent groups. Both the treated cell cultures and the[random number generators] showed significant deviationsfrom chance expectation within hours of each other. Thecoincidence of such deviations arising in both a living anda nonliving system supports the likelihood of a genuinephysical phenomenon associated with intention.”

There is a branch of quantum physics that says, in effect,that we create our own reality?but in order to change it, weobviously need to know how to do it. This is one explanationfor why extraterrestrials?if they are here?cannotcommunicate openly with us: it would produce a clash betweendifferent perceived realities, only one of which could prevail.

Experiencehealingyourself with special music composed just for that purpose,inspired by Native American songs.

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