Laura Hatch, a 17-year-old girl who was missing for eightdays in Redmond, Washington, was found alive inside hercrashed Toyota by a psychic who had a vision telling herwhere to look for the girl. She was found badly hurt andseverely dehydrated, but she was alive and conscious in hercar, which was at the bottom of an embankment, 200 feet downfrom the road.

Hatch was last seen at a party Friday, October 2nd, andpolice thought she was a runaway. Her parents didn’t believethis and organized a search, but it was slowed down becausethere had been underage drinking at the party, and no onewould tell them where it had been held. On October 6,detectives learned the location and searched along herlikely route home, but found no sign of her. Her family hadgiven up hope that she was still alive. But that night,psychic Sha Nohr dreamed about a wooded area and heard themessage, “Keep going, keep going.”

While driving with her daughter a week later, something madeNohr stop and climb over a concrete barrier and down a steepembankment where she was able to see the wrecked car in sometrees. She called to her daughter, who flagged down apassing motorist. The man helped Nohr get closer to the caras aid was summoned. Nohr sent Hatch the message that peoplewere looking for her and got a psychic message back from thegirl that she was worried she was late for her curfew.

Sgt. John Urquhart of the local sheriff?s department hadnever heard of a person surviving eight days without food orwater, but Hatch may actually have been saved bydehydration, since a lack of water may have prevented ablood clot in her brain from expanding.

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