British psychic Sally Morgan has won a $200,000 settlement plus her legal costs from the Daily Mail after the paper accused her of using an earpiece to scam a Dublin audience into believing she received messages from the dead. The suit alleged that some audience members had heard staffers backstage saying things that she then repeated onstage by use of a concealed earpiece. It was found, however, that she was not using an earpiece and the conversation overheard backstage was not among her staffers and did not relate to what she was saying onstage. The verdict did not state that there was proof that she was talking with the dead, but that she did not use the trickery alleged.

On her website, she said, "There will always be sceptics who attack my work and I understand and accept that. However, to libel me and falsely accuse me of a con trick does not constitute rational commentary or debate. I hope now this settlement and apology will repair the damage that has been done."

The accusation against her was made in the Daily Mail by magician Paul Zenon after he heard two women from the audience making the claim on a call-in radio show.

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