On May 28, Ramon Watkins, who calls himself ‘Prophet Yahweh’astonished a Las Vegas TV news crew by apparently succeedingin calling a UFO on command before KNTV news cameras. Thestation then asked him to call UFOs on live TV on June 1,and he agreed. Then he claims that they backed out, underpressure ofsome unnamed kind. He wrote, “It seems like thestation is coming under great pressure to not cover any moreof my summonings.” But something more than a lack of mediaattention seems to have gone wrong.

Now his website is disabled for 45 days and there are noreports of UFOs over Las Vegas today. Mr. Watkins hadfurther claimed that Las Vegas will experience large-scaleUFO sightings between now and July 15–at which time hiswebsite will presumably return. You can rely onUnknowncountry.com for the most credible UFO reporting inthe world. There are many advantages to becoming a subscriber,including 10% off everything in our store and a specialweekly interview just for you. To start now,click here

You can keep up with his activities on hiswebsite. The video of his UFOconjuring is locatedhere.

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